Tracy Noble


A woman smiling, wearing a blue shirt
Tracy Noble

As director of Human Resources, Tracy Noble helps ensure that Chubb Fire and Security has the right people in the right place at the right time. 

As part of the senior leadership team, she is involved in the day to day management functions and every aspect of the HR function – from payroll to training to industrial relations and hiring. But her passion is employment law. 

“This is an area that was not heavily represented on our HR team,” says Tracy. “So we had to rely on external sources for advice. I wanted us to be more self-reliant and less dependent on outside counsel, so I enrolled in the Employee Scholar Program and began work on a master’s degree in employment law.” 

Tracy is no stranger to balancing work, family and schooling. She began working full time at the age of 16. “My parents could not afford the cost of additional education,” she says, “But I have been very fortunate to work for companies that have encouraged education and lifelong learning.” 

One of the greatest benefits Tracy sees from her degree is a better understanding of the legislative process. “We recently faced an issue that posed financial risk to Chubb and other UTC companies in the United Kingdom. By identifying it early, we were able to plan for the legislative change and protect ourselves financially.” 

A good deal of confidence has come from completing her master’s degree. “Today I’m able to talk in level terms with our legal advisors and barristers,” says Tracy. “I recently went to a law society annual conference, and a leading QC (Queen’s Counsel) publically asked my opinion on an issue. I was very flattered.” ​​​

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