Lily Fu


Lily Fu

Lily joined Pratt & Whitney 14 years ago with deep technical knowledge of aircraft engines. She applied that knowledge everyday as an engine instructor at P&W’s China Customer Training Center.

“You might say I had a perfect technical background,” says Lily. “But as I looked at my career options, I knew that was not enough to get me where I wanted to be. I needed to learn more about business and management.”

Through the Employee Scholar Program, she enrolled in Peking University and began studying for an MBA. “This is what helped me move from purely technical work to technical management,” says Lily. Within a year of graduating, she was promoted to general manager of the training center.

Like most scholars, Lily is quick to credit the ESP for the breadth of knowledge and career opportunities that she acquired from her degree program. However she believes the ESP offers an equally important benefit – greater loyalty to the company. “I firmly believe this,” she says. “The investment UTC makes in employees bonds us to the company in our heart. And that’s much more powerful than bonding through a contract.”

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