Cristina Aubercy


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The geographic scope of Cristina Aubercy’s work is vast. Leading a team of 30 professional auditors, she oversees 60-70 financial and operating audits a year for UTC businesses in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. She also supervises the European Financial Leadership Program, which rotates entry-level professionals through various positions in the company and serves as a key pipeline for recruiting top-notch new hires.

Cristina joined UTC with a degree in economics with a concentration in accounting. “I have a passion for learning as a means to grow and develop,” says Cristina. “I knew an MBA would give me a broader perspective and a global outlook on business.”

She cites the classes she took in operations management and supply chain as giving her a better understanding of UTC’s manufacturing and distribution entities. And the human resources classes provided insights into motivating and managing diverse global teams. 

“I use my MBA every day,” says Cristina. “It gives me the tools to be agile and to adapt quickly in an ever-changing world.”

Once enrolled in the Employee Scholar Program, Cristina became one of its most enthusiastic advocates. Over the past five years she has encouraged eight members of her team to enroll in the ESP. Says Cristina, “It’s their individual development and achievements that I am most proud of.”

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