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Many of the biggest challenges facing the world today demand solutions from the cutting edge of technology. Often that means thinking beyond what we know and embracing new and emerging science. 

Fortunately, the people of UTC do that every day. 

“We know how to solve problems. It’s our heritage – from inventing the world’s first safety elevator to delivering the most efficient aircraft engines for the world’s commercial aircraft fleets,” said Dr. J. Michael McQuade, UTC Senior Vice President, Science and Technology, during the inaugural UTC Technology & Innovation Forum. “Our biggest challenges today are envisioning the most pressing problems we will encounter in the future and identifying emerging technologies that will open up currently unimagined ways of solving those problems. This is what it means to be innovative when it matters most.” 

The Forum’s first session inspired participants, encouraging them to share their most creative and exciting visions of the future and then think about how UTC could help shape that world. Two renowned futurists provided jaw-dropping perspectives on how new technologies, from biomimetics to infinitely connected smart devices, will transform the world in the next decade. UTC employees from across the corporation, from engineering to operations to marketing to business planners, then collaborated in teams to propose investable models for futurist UTC solutions – the seedlings of big concepts that might continue to create the new world in the decades ahead. 

At the second session of the Forum, internal and external experts offered imaginative and provocative thoughts on the topic of augmented intelligence. Participants explored potential applications of augmented reality that might provide new value for UTC customers and more efficient ways operate our factories. Topics ranged from virtual training environments and headset devices to assist field service personnel to the use of augmented reality for marketing new products. 

“Today’s forum confirmed that how important this space is going to be for UTC's future,” said Jeff Mendoza, Manager, Autonomous and Intelligent Systems, UTRC. “The room was full of ideas and different perspectives.” 

These gatherings highlight UTC’s commitment to sharing a creative culture of innovation. Whether it is proving how green buildings improve cognitive function or building the innovation spaces where real-world applications come to life, the goal is to inspire people to envision the future. The attendees showed that true innovation is best realized through a total team effort. 

“We need the entire creative intellect from the company to be thinking about how the world is going to change,” said McQuade. 

The Technology and Innovation Forum continues with upcoming sessions on robotics and advanced manufacturing.


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