Supra Enables Real Estate Agents to Obtain Listing Keys using their iPhone

An innovative eKey solution from UTC Fire & Security’s Supra business allows real estate agents to obtain house keys for listings using their iPhones. Supra, a leading provider of electronic key box systems recently launch the eKEY software that turns an iPhone into a sophisticated, easy-to-use tool that real estate agents can use to show homes to prospective home buyers.

When agents list properties, they typically secure a set of house keys in locked containers, called key boxes, usually hung on the front door of a house. Only qualified agents, who have been approved by the local real estate association or Multiple Listing Service (MLS), may open the key box and obtain the house keys using an electronic key from Supra.

The eKEY solution for the iPhone consists of a hardware adapter and easy-to-navigate software. The compact adapter attaches to the base of an iPhone. Lightweight (less than ½ an ounce) and smaller than a typical car fob, it can be carried on an agent’s keychain when not in use. After an agent enters a secret personal identification number (PIN) into the eKEY software, an infrared beam at the base of the adapter communicates with a key box, commanding it to unlock.

The eKEY software then immediately transmits a record of the event via a cellular network. Listing agents who represent the home seller use this information to market the property. They can contact the showing agents for feedback on property attractiveness and pricing and can also easily send emails to all agents who have shown the property to notify them of price changes or offers on the property.

“Real estate agents demand reliability, ease of use, and current information,” said Ron Virden, Supra’s general manager. “Our eKEY solution for the iPhone excels in all three of these areas. In user tests, agents have been thrilled with our new product.”

Real estate agents who want to obtain the eKEY solution for the iPhone should contact their local real estate association or MLS. A demo version of the software can be downloaded from Apple’s App Store.

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