AC Transit orders 4 more UTC Power fuel cell systems for public transport buses in California

AC Transit of Oakland, California, has exercised options for four more PureMotion® Model 120 fuel cell systems from UTC Power for the transit agency's next-generation hybrid-electric fuel cell buses for public transport. This comes in addition to eight systems purchased early in 2008, the largest single fuel cell bus order in U.S. history. All 12 buses will be delivered in late 2009 through 2010.

Since 2006, AC Transit has purchased fuel cell powerplants exclusively from UTC Power and is the company’s largest PureMotion customer. AC Transit's first-generation fuel cell buses with UTC Power fuel cell systems have demonstrated fuel economy improvements of 70 to 100 percent over a control fleet of conventional diesel buses.

In addition to fuel efficiency, the UTC Power fuel cell systems produce zero harmful tailpipe emissions -- no diesel bus particulate emissions or carbon dioxide -- and provide a smooth, quiet ride. The clean operation means these buses have an immediate, positive impact on street-level emissions. They also have a significant effect on reducing greenhouse gases, ranging from a 43 percent reduction over diesel buses if hydrogen is supplied from the reformation of natural gas, to a 100 percent reduction when hydrogen is generated from renewable sources like solar and wind power.

AC Transit is one of the largest transit agencies in California, serving more than 67 million passengers a year throughout a 360-square-mile region. The Environmental and Energy Study Institute of Washington, D.C., named AC Transit a "National Clean Bus Leader" for its advanced environmental technology initiatives.

UTC Power is a world leader in developing and producing fuel cells for on-site power and transportation applications.​

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