Innovation and sustainability converge at UTC Fire & Security

UTC Fire & Security’s innovative HI-FOG® Water Mist Fire Protection System does more with less by using up to 90 percent less water to suppress fire than traditional sprinkler systems. With hundreds of patents and patent applications, the system is also regarded as one of the most modern and effective fire protection technologies available today.

HI-FOG combines the extinguishing characteristics of water with the penetrative qualities of gas to produce a fine water mist delivered by high pressure nozzles.

The result is a system that penetrates fire efficiently and effectively, while also cooling the surrounding air to stop the fire from spreading.

Another key benefit to the system is that it minimizes property and smoke damage and poses no risk to people or the environment.

Traditional low-pressure water spray or sprinkler systems, on the other hand, can cause considerable water damage – sometimes even greater than the fire itself. Low-pressure water spray systems can also be difficult to install, especially on retrofit projects. In contrast, HI-FOG system tubing is small in diameter allowing for unobtrusive installation.

“Many property owners focus solely on putting a fire out, and often don’t consider the damage many traditional sprinkler systems leave behind,” said Greg Taylor, vice president of product management and engineering at UTC Fire & Security’s Global Fire Products group. “HI-FOG uses only fresh water which is pushed at high pressure through special nozzles. The resulting fine mist absorbs heat quickly by vaporization, rapidly cools the space and blocks heat transmission, providing effective fire suppression with minimal water damage and business interruption.”

Originally developed for marine use on passenger cruise ships, HI-FOG is also successful in many land-based applications.

Currently more than 1,000 passenger cruise ships and ferries and 1,500 land-based installations are protected by Marioff’s HI-FOG system.

Application-specific HI-FOG systems have proven successful in protecting machinery spaces, turbine enclosures, metros and offshore platforms.

HI-FOG is becoming the solution of choice for banks, leading telecommunications companies and internet service providers, where superior fire suppression performance, easy installation and minimal water damage are key requirements.

HI-FOG systems also protect hotels, offices, museums and historic buildings. Recent high-profile installations include: Le Meridien Hotel in Paris, the 47 Park Street Hotel in London, the Hotel Gritti Palace in Venice, Royal Caribbean’s M/S Freedom of the Seas (currently the world’s largest passenger cruise vessel) and M/S Independence of the Seas, the A86 West road tunnel in Paris and the Duchess Anna Amalia Library in Germany.

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