UTC Fire & Security launches goVision; the latest in a series of interoperable product solutions

UTC Fire & Security is changing the way the industry thinks about security solutions through the introduction of a new breed of interoperable products that work together seamlessly and effectively integrate with other products. The first in this series is a powerful digital video recorder (DVR) called goVision.

goVision brings the benefits of high-quality video surveillance and effortless data retrieval to small enterprise customers. Additionally, as the enterprise grows and security demands increase, goVision can be expanded to integrate with OnGuard, UTC Fire & Security’s premier integrated security software platform.

OnGuard incorporates more than 200 features such as visitor management, intrusion detection and identity and video management.

goVision comes equipped with support for up to 16 camera inputs, expandable storage options and convenient interfaces that allow the export of video, information and images to a variety of external devices, including high-capacity DVD writers and USB-enabled drives.

“Our solution is flexible enough to meet customer requirements, both now and in the future,” said Duncan Gillis, president of UTC Fire & Security’s global security products group. “We want the investments that our customers make today to be scalable for their needs tomorrow, while also giving them access to the sophisticated capabilities previously available only to large-scale enterprises.”

Another feature that sets goVision apart from other DVRs in the market is its remote service capabilities which enable system faults to be diagnosed and remedied remotely – eliminating the need for a technician visit and getting the system back online faster.

“Customer feedback told us that a lot of DVRs available today are just recording devices, similar to your old VCR,” explained Gillis. “By listening to this feedback and adding increased capabilities like remote servicing we were able to differentiate ourselves in what has become a crowded product group, while also addressing customer needs.”

UTC Fire & Security has a steady pipeline of upgrades planned for goVision such as adding intelligence through embedded video analytics like people counting and loitering detection. The company also plans to incorporate a wide variety of forensic analytics that will enable customers to quickly search video archives for specific events or people, saving time and money while also enabling faster follow-up of security events. Another planned upgrade is the integration of IP (internet protocol) cameras which will enable goVision to take advantage of the next generation of video surveillance products.

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