Statement on Royal Air Force Centenary

For 100 years, the Royal Air Force has stood as a beacon of hope, staunchly defending Britain and her allies while protecting freedom around the globe. It has served as a deterrent, it has borne the battle, it has nobly sacrificed, and it has always persevered even in the face of daunting odds.

From liberating allied cities during World War II to patrolling the skies over Afghanistan, the Royal Air Force have truly lived their motto: “Per Ardua Ad Astrum,” - Through Adversity To The Stars.

The men and women of Pratt & Whitney are proud to help power the Royal Air Force fleet, honored to have served alongside you in peace and war, and committed to supporting the Royal Air Force whenever and wherever they are called upon in the future to perform their airpower missions. We remain grateful for your service. Congratulations on your centenary, and we look forward to remaining your partner for the next 100 years!

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