Spencer Seipt: Singing the Praises of his Internship

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Many may claim to be able to sing well, though few actually have the talent. And, even fewer have the nerve to do so in front of a large crowd. But, Spencer Seipt, a Systems Engineering & Validation intern, is among the few whom can substantiate that claim. In fact, his first time singing in public was a solo performance of the national anthem for an audience of more than 3,000 people.

"I was always afraid of the crowd, but knew I could sing so I just went for it. Thankfully, it went well, and singing has now become one of my favorite activities."

Seipt attends Pennsylvania State University, where he blends his passion for singing with his passion for engineering science. In his free time from his studies, he sings as a tenor for the Pennharmonics, the university's premier coed a cappella group; plays sports including basketball and golf; volunteers with the Engineering Ambassadors; and participates in THON, a university wide PanHellenic dance marathon that raises funds and awareness for pediatric cancer.

The passion that Seipt maintains for aviation began at an air show when the thunderous echo of an F-16 flyover set off the alarms of almost every car parked at the show. The then 12-year-old boy did not imagine that he would one day work for a company that leads the aviation industry.

Since his start at Pratt & Whitney this summer, Seipt has been pleasantly surprised at the opportunities presented to him.

"I never thought that as an intern I would be presenting important material to a room of highly experienced engineers," Seipt said. "Whenever I get nervous before a presentation, I just remind myself that I've performed in front of more people – a lot more people."

As a Systems Engineering & Validation intern, Seipt is involved in the tear down and build process of F135 engines and works on software upgrades for test engine maintenance procedures. He interacts with employees in all different roles. He particularly enjoys this facet of his internship because it allows him to gain real world insight into the career paths that he is considering.

"I like talking with my coworkers, learning about their role in the company, and then understanding how all of our work fits together," Seipt said. "Working at Pratt & Whitney has shown me that I absolutely need to work in the aerospace industry. Everything I've encountered here simply captivates me."

During the upcoming year, the junior must decide upon the area in which he wants to focus his major and he has sought advice from many employees. He credits time that he has spent at Pratt & Whitney in helping him to make that substantial decision that will shape his career path.

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