Profiling The Production Ramp: What Keeps Pratt & Whitney's Turbine Airfoils Flying

The production ramp up is fast becoming a reality throughout Pratt & Whitney. To learn more about what that means to employees, we are launching the "Profiling the Production Ramp Up" video series, featuring Pratt & Whitney employees from across the enterprise. Whether they work in manufacturing, operations, supply chain management, engineering or quality, their message is the same: "We're ready for the ramp."

In this video, "What Keeps Pratt & Whitney's Turbine Airfoils Flying," Dave Bonsall, general manager, Hot Section Module Centers, explains how Pratt & Whitney's technologically advanced coatings are what keeps turbine airfoils aloft. The company is the world leader in the development and production application of these proprietary coatings.

"Coatings is a unique science," Bonsall said. "It's the one that allows us to continue to operate our turbine airfoils at tremendously aggressive environments and keeps our turbines flying in the air."

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