Pratt & Whitney Aerotech Chengdu Supports Community with Green Apple Day of Service

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Pratt & Whitney Aerotech, located in Chengdu, Sichuan, China, demonstrated its commitment to sustainable and healthy environments by recently sponsoring a Green Apple Day of Service event at Anquan Primary School.

General Manager Jacky Shi and 11 volunteers took part in the event. Pratt & Whitney Aerotech Chengdu donated recyclable and non-recyclable bins, water-saving faucets, trees, library books and bookshelves. In addition the team improved the school's drinking water by sponsoring the installation of a new well pump. All services and supplies cost approximately $5,000, and were funded by a Green Power Grant from Pratt & Whitney. In addition, Pratt & Whitney Aerotech Chengdu employees participated personally with a donation of more than 200 library books, stationery and clothes to help the community.

To stimulate student interest in natural sciences and enhance their awareness of environmental protection, two volunteers conducted environmental awareness training for students on how to identify recyclable and non-recyclable waste and how to save water. The students who attended were very engaged and asked many questions.

"This training is so significant for the pupils and our teachers," said Mr. Wu, the schoolmaster of the Anquan Primary School. "It helps improve environmental awareness of our pupils at an early age and I am happy to see this. Our school is in a remote area and lacks many resources. I really appreciated your kind help, especially the improvement of our drinking water. In addition, the new library and ping pong table are also important for student development."

This is the second time Pratt & Whitney Aerotech Chengdu team members participated in a Green Apple Day of Service event. Volunteers really enjoyed the event and exhibited a great deal of passion. "I was so excited to see so many active pupils in the classroom. Many were raising their hands to answer my questions and it moved me," said Lion Liu, volunteer trainer.

"This Green Apple Day of Service is significant for the rural school, and this also shows our commitment for social responsibility and environmental consciousness," said Jacky Shi, the general manager of Pratt & Whitney Aerotech Chengdu. "More than that, I am really proud of our employees' enthusiasm for charitable donation with Green Apply Day Service."

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