Profiling The Production Ramp: The Common Denominator for Success

The production ramp up is fast becoming a reality throughout Pratt & Whitney. To learn more about what that means to employees, we are launching the "Profiling the Production Ramp Up" video series, featuring Pratt & Whitney employees from across the enterprise. Whether they work in manufacturing, operations, supply chain management, engineering or quality, their message is the same: "We're ready for the ramp."

We begin the series with – "The Common Denominator for Success." In this video, Patrick Regan, product director, North Berwick Parts Center, talks about the common denominator that ensures success across Pratt & Whitney.

"I think there's a common theme when you talk about our technology advancements at Pratt & Whitney. Whether it be Georgia, North Berwick, East Hartford or Middletown," Regan said. "We acquire some unique technologies that we utilize to machine, to forge. However it's the people behind everything that bring it to life."

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