BIS Fuerda Facility Wins 2013 Water Conservation Award

A focus on water conservation is a key part of UTC’s efforts to reduce our environmental footprint.

2013 Fuerda
UTC's EH&S Water Use Management Award highlights individual site conservation projects and encourages corporate conservation of water resources. The award is given to the UTC site that has shown the greatest development and progress in reducing water use, and our 2013 winner, the Building and Industrial Systems Fuerda, China facility epitomized our goals for water best management.
Fuerda completed a water balance that identified areas of improvement, including the replacement of leaking pipes, installation of modern control technology and development of a seasonal landscape irrigation program. The site completed these and other initiatives and achieved an 83 percent savings, representing an estimated 30 million gallons per year.
The success of Fuerda's water conservation efforts showcase a remarkable effort to free up resources in communities where UTC operates, reducing our risk of business interruption and serving as an example for other facilities across the company.​​​​​​
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