Engineering Healthy Hearing Earns BIS Collierville 2013 Clean and Quiet Award

Clean and Quiet program part of UTC drive for healthy workplaces.

2013 BIS Collierville
UTC Building and Industrial Systems Collierville Tennessee facility is the 2013 UTC EH&S Clean and Quiet Award winner. The award recognizes achievement in the reduction of UTC workplace noise and chemical exposure reduction goals.
During 2013, Collierville reduced employee exposure to unsafe noise by 41% compared to the prior year. The site used a variety of innovative techniques, including the installation of noise-absorbing enclosures, mufflers and insulation around facility process machinery. The site also began using brazing rod with a lower melting point, which allowed for reduced heat demand and associated sound output from brazing torches.
Collierville’s work showcases the day-to-day improvements UTC has realized through the implementation of environmental, health and safety initiatives at our facilities.
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