Wenjing Chen


Wenjing Chen

When an opportunity arises, you must have the determination to catch it. That is how Wenjing Chen describes the Employee Scholar Program. “When I went to work for Otis in 1998, I had a very limited educational background, and I could not afford to continue my studies. Otis and the ESP literally changed my life,” says Wenjing.

It was clear from the outset that Wenjing had tremendous promise. Within a year of joining Otis, he was promoted to team leader. Once he began his academic journey, he moved from the workshop to the office. “As I worked toward a degree in mechanical engineering, my positions changed with my studies,” he says. Today he is a key member of Otis’ engineering department.

“Otis makes me feel valued,” he says. “And the ESP reinforced that feeling. It is a wonderful benefit that the company offers. It inspires employees to work hard and improve their capabilities. I hope it continues to encourage new employees to better themselves.” 

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