Sarah Dixon


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Sarah Dixon has valuable advice for anyone considering the Employee Scholar Program. 

“Don’t underestimate the commitment and challenges involved in completing a degree, working full time and managing a family. But that being said, the reward of knowledge and understanding – not to mention a better chance at a promotion – makes the journey worthwhile.” 

Sarah joined Otis with a degree in business. She quickly discovered that she enjoyed mergers and acquisitions and decided that a law degree would give her greater credibility in the M&A environment. 

“I have been promoted to look after the M&A activities for the United Kingdom and Ireland,” says Sarah. “And every day I see the value in my law degree – whether it’s reading contracts, negotiating with vendors or understanding the implication of actions from a legal compliance perspective.” 

Sarah’s job doesn’t end when an acquisition is completed. She also is responsible for brand strategy and marketing. “In general I have oversight of the acquired businesses and support them in their integration into Otis and their ongoing development,” says Sarah. 

There is no question that a law degree prepared Sarah for her promotion but it also brought inherent benefits. “The formalized knowledge of the law gives me confidence when dealing with difficult decisions and situations,” says Sarah. “And it gave me greater appreciation of the risks and liabilities that companies assume when they sign contractual documents.” ​​

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