Mike Yudichak


Mike Yudichak
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Fo r many workers professional development over the past decade has been an exercise in adaptability.

​Mike Yudichak knows this better than most.

“I finished my undergraduate degree right as the tech bubble burst. I couldn’t walk into a tech start-up in Silicon Valley like I initially thought I would. But United Technologies opened up a brand new set of opportunities,” says Mike who earned his master’s degree in human computer interaction from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Mike was drawn to UTC for a host of reasons, one of them the Employee Scholar Program. “I wanted to pursue a master’s degree that concentrated on human computer interaction,” he says. “I felt that our software development practices needed a formal process for listening to our users and developing quality products that solved their needs.”

As a result of Mike’s work, the Lenel engineering department was expanded to include a user experience team (UX). “I feel that what I learned in graduate school influenced and changed the way Lenel approaches software development – and I’m proud to be a founding member of the UX team.”​ 

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