Mariusz Pera


Mariusz Pera

Mariusz Pera says he began his “adventure” with Pratt & Whitney as an intern with only basic knowledge and experience.   “I knew I needed to continue my education if I wanted to advance and have a long-term career with Pratt & Whitney,” he says. “Otherwise I would go backward.”

There have been no backward steps for Mariusz since he joined the company 10 years ago. With assistance from the Employee Scholar Program, he has earned two degrees – a master’s in production management and an MBA. Both serve him well in his position as production engineer in the company’s Kalisz, Poland, operations.

“I’m responsible for preparing machine and manpower capacity analyses,” says Mariusz. “Based on the data, management then makes employment, purchasing and production decisions."

He says his master’s in production engineering gave him knowledge in lean manufacturing and other critical technical areas, while the MBA helped him develop management and business skills.

“Aside from the knowledge gained, the ESP enabled me to meet interesting people from other industries and companies,” says Mariusz. “And they are still my friends today.” He adds that most of them couldn’t believe that his company offered such a generous program as the ESP.

 “The ESP makes you never stop exploring,” says Mariusz. “It keeps you hungry for personal development. And it gives you the opportunity to become what you want to become.”

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