Lu Chen


Lu Chen

Lu Chen is convinced that the Employee Scholar Program shapes the culture of UTC. And she cites some compelling reasons why she believes that is so.

“First,” says Lu, “the better educated the workforce the more successful the company is likely to be. And second, a company committed to lifelong learning creates a culture where people share the same values and commitment. That makes it easier to work together and fosters camaraderie.”

Lu began her own career with Carrier’s China division with an associate’s degree. “I knew at the outset that I was not competitive with many of my colleagues. I wanted to further my studies to advance in the company.”

Today she is working toward an MBA with an emphasis on finance and economics. She expects to graduate in 2018. “I feel I’ve become more confident and a better team player as a result of my coursework,” says Lu. “And I’ve learned how to listen to customers so that I meet their needs.”

Lu also takes inspiration from her classmates. “Many of them are executives, and some have children,” she says. “But whoever they are, they study very hard. I have been encouraged by them and have learned how to tackle pressure following their example.”

Lu emphasizes that she sees the ESP as a wonderful opportunity to grow in her career. But she sees another important aspect of the program. “What I’ve learned helps me to be a better person and a better colleague.”

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