Kaye Allfrey


Kaye Allfrey
For Kaye Allfrey, the Employee Scholar Program was too good an opportunity to ignore. She joined Otis a few years after completing her A Levels. While she was confident of her skills and experience, she began to feel a growing need to complete the academic component that was missing in her background.

“There were a number of reasons I chose to pursue an MBA,” says Kaye. “But mainly it was the most appropriate area of study based upon my career to date and how I wanted my career to progress in the future.”

As project manager for the Otis modernization team, Kaye oversees a wide range of activities, working with stakeholders at the head office and jobsite, while managing production schedules, material deliveries, safety documentation and vendor contracts. She currently is project lead for a major modernization in London’s Canary Wharf business district. “It is a significant win for Otis and a flagship project that I’m incredibly proud to be a part of,” says Kaye. 

One of the biggest lessons learned in her MBA program was a deep appreciation for the individuals in an organization. “During my studies we spoke of employees as an ‘inimitable resource,’ one that is unique and cannot be replicated. Exploring this theory has helped me to realize how invaluable Otis employees are and how they possess skills and attributes that are critical to the company’s success. It’s a lesson I try to keep in mind when leading my own team.”

As a 2016 graduate, Kaye still has a hard time believing she earned an MBA. “It was an inspiring experience and helped me to realize that regardless of personal circumstance, you really can do anything you put your mind to – particularly when given the kind of opportunity the Employee Scholar Program provides.”

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