Jiten Vaghela


Jiten Vaghela
A man wearing a suit and tie
A man wearing a suit and tie smiling at the camera
For Jiten Vaghela the Employee Scholar Program provided an amazing opportunity to pursue the degree he had always wanted – a master’s degree in business administration. 

“When I joined Otis in 2007 I had just completed my undergraduate degree in marketing,” says Jiten. “However I immediately saw that it was important to continue learning if I was to progress in my career. And the ESP made it possible.” 

Today Jiten is on the front line at Otis, working directly with customers to help them decide which elevator solutions are best for their buildings, determining what materials are required for completion and then handing the job off to Otis project managers for final execution. “I believe my MBA has made me more effective in my job and better able to meet the needs of customers and colleagues alike,” says Jiten. 

He describes his MBA program as a journey. “Along the way, I met extremely knowledgeable people and learned from them. I gained a better understanding of the processes that Otis and other successful companies follow. And I was exposed to areas of business that I otherwise would never have experienced – like human resources and finance.” 

The best part though is that it was a journey he took with the full support and backing of his employer. “It would have been very difficult for me to have continued my education without the ESP,” says Jiten. “I consider myself very fortunate.”

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