David Garland


A man wearing a suit and tie

David Garland knew a number of coworkers who had earned degrees through the Employee Scholar Program, and he wanted to develop his skills and knowledge base just as they had.  

“The MBA appealed to me because it encompasses all aspects of business – from finance to strategy and implementation,” he says. “You learn not only how your own company operates but also how customers and suppliers operate.”

That is especially important in David’s line of work as sales manager for Carrier. “I would say that the MBA has given me the ability to look at various situations with a more holistic approach. Instead of a purely sales standpoint, I am now able to discuss and assist in implementing strategy, operations, finance, and project management.”

David found the MBA especially helpful in negotiating framework agreements with customers. “I’ve been able to work with customers to reduce the number of suppliers they deal with as well as to bring in more business for Carrier,” he says.

Like many Employee Scholars, David is a strong proponent of the ESP. “It is a fantastic program,” he says. “It allowed me the opportunity to study for a master’s degree without worrying about the financial implications normally associated with higher education. Having the support of my line manager and directors was a great help.”

He adds that the ESP has given him the opportunity to progress his career within Carrier and United Technologies and the ability to help shape the future of the corporation.

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