Buyun Jing


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Buyun Jing will tell you that the Employee Scholar Program is one of the main reasons he joined United Technologies. “This was in 2004,” says Buyun. “At that time the company didn’t have full-time research engineers in its China operations, so I got in on the ground floor.”

For the next couple of years, he worked on both technology and application research and often partnered with Chinese universities. “I then decided to broaden my knowledge by studying R&D management,” says Buyun. He enrolled in the Employee Scholar Program and began studying for an MBA program at Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

Two courses particularly stood out for him. “Organizational behavior interested me a lot,” he says. “It taught me how to understand the relationship between individual team members and the whole team and how to deal with this relationship. I have found this very useful in the management of R&D project teams.”

The other course was entitled Positioning. As he explains, “It is important to position R&D as a key function within the organization and to position yourself as someone who can effectively communicate with colleagues from all areas of the company. I have found it very helpful in my work across the various business units.”

Buyun often finds himself participating in UTC recruiting activities. “ESP is a great selling point,” he says. “Everyone is interested in it. And it sets UTC apart from other global corporations.”

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