Matthew Bragoni


Veterans Day 2016 - Matt Bragoni

As a former Company Commander in the U.S. Army, Matthew Bragoni knows the importance of a team embracing and working towards a common mission. Bragoni believes that a mission-driven culture is also imperative at Pratt & Whitney.

“I’ve found in my experience at Pratt & Whitney that people move towards a common mission and it’s having the common objective that really pulls them together and creates a sense of unity and family,” said Bragoni. “To have a company culture that embraces that gives me a great deal of pride to come into work every day.” 

The son of a former Sergeant in the Army, Bragoni was always interested in joining the military. While earning his bachelor’s degree in economics and finance at the University of Hartford, Bragoni joined the Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps at the University of Connecticut. Later in the U.S. Army, Bragoni served as an intelligence officer where he was responsible for identifying and targeting high-value individuals to be captured.

Bragoni’s fondest memory of the Army was the opportunity to lead a group of 182 individuals. He believes that experience has given him the ability to connect with people from different cultures and work with individuals from different types of backgrounds.

That ability has already translated to success in his role as a specialist, Group Strategy & Development at Pratt & Whitney. Bragoni joined Pratt & Whitney in 2016 and within weeks of starting joined UTC-4-Vets, an employee resource group for veteran employees. Not only has his involvement with UTC-4-Vets helped his transition from military life to civilian workforce, but he has also had the chance to connect with veterans throughout the company.

“Being able to connect with senior leadership through UTC-4-Vets has been invaluable on a professional level, but I am also able to get to know them on a personal level because of our connection as veterans,” said Bragoni. 

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