Lisa Vaughn


Lisa Vaughn

For Lisa Vaughn, United Technologies has been a household name for her entire life. She learned about jet engines through her father who was an engineer at Pratt & Whitney for more than 40 years. When a position opened at United Technologies Research Center (UTRC), she jumped at the chance to discover the cutting edge technologies being developed.

Female employee standing in a lobby in front of a bank of elevators
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Female employee standing in a lobby in front of a bank of elevators

“I have worked on remarkable projects at the Research Center such as computational fluid dynamics,” says Lisa. “I have been provided with so many opportunities within the company and couldn’t picture my career playing out any differently.”

One of Lisa’s proudest career moments was when she ran her first grid generation test through a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) model. “The feeling of accomplishment was overwhelming,” she says. “I felt I was making an impact and the results contributed to my team efforts.”

Lisa advises engineering students to continue to overcome challenges and think creatively. “There is more to engineering and technology careers than just math or programming,” she says. “There are fantastic opportunities working in labs and building new products. An engineer is an innovator of technology, so being inventive and discovering new ways of doing things is key.”

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