CIAT's Floway Achieves Eurovent's Top Air-Tightness Rating

RangeSC range are air cooled condensing units with axial fan and vertical discharge.

Operating range:Cooling capacity from 20 to 135 kWHeating capacity from 20 to 145 kW

Use:The SC range are air-cooled condensing units designed for installation outdoors. They can be connected on-site with one direct expansion exchanger.

Two options are available:• RSC series: non reversible units• ISC series: reversible units

They are equipped with axial fan(s) with free vertical discharge, hermetic scroll-type compressor(s) and electric panel with electronic control with optimized components for the refrigerant R-410A.

A vast number of options meet numerous operating demands.

All of the units are tested and checked in the factory.


  • Hermetic scroll tandem compressors
  • Outdoor 2-speed axial fan directly coupled to the motor
  • Service valves with refrigerant pre-charge for 7,5 m connection distance
  • Optional EC axial fans for high seasonal efficiency and silent operation
  • AVANT/AVANT+ regulation
  • Drainpan for outdoor unit as an option
  • Oil separator for long refrigerant distance connections
  • Sight glass
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