Where Talent and Ideas Come Together: UTC’s First Mixed Reality Summit

More than 50 representatives from UTC, Collins Aerospace and Pratt & Whitney convened at UTC’s first ever Digital Accelerator in Brooklyn last month. The summit featured the best and brightest from across UTC. Participants took a deep dive into mixed realities technologies and their use in aerospace and aviation. Demonstrations showed off the impact mixed reality tech could have on the future of our company and industry.

“Digital transformation is hard, but we’ll succeed because of our people,” said Dayan Anandappa, Vice President and General Manager, UTC Digital Accelerator. “We are pioneers. We are creative, resilient builders who solve big problems affecting the fabric of modern life. What we’re doing – in terms of digital transformations – and what you all are doing in the VR space is very difficult, but keep moving forward. The mission in important.”

Researchers showed several technologies that proved what’s possible when talented people work together to create solutions for UTC business units and their customers.

In one demonstration, Peter Bellows, Dan Groppa and Dave Kanahele showcased a mixed reality device they recently developed for the military training market. In another demo, Jake Rohrig and Weston Lahr showed off the proposed tech that astronauts will use for space helmet informatics.

Attendees also saw demonstrations from several other teams and left the summit with an understanding that digital is more of a mindset than it is a particular technology. That mindset is part of the change UTC is driving across the organization.

Anandappa noted, “Digital transformation is the ability to think about ‘why’ we are doing things a certain way, question it, and then come up with new ways to accomplish things.”

If what happened at UTC’s first mixed reality summit is any hint of UTC’s future, this much is clear: When you combine talent, ideas and resilience, even the sky is no limit.

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