Happy National Aviation Day!

Celebrating the next generation of STEM leaders

116 years ago, the Wright brothers took off on an inaugural flight that would change the world.

Since that day, the aviation industry has made monumental advancements and innovations that have forever changed the way the world moves.

But if it wasn’t for the young innovators who had the genuine desire to take the Wright brothers' work and continue to bring their visions to life, the world would be a very different place today.

United Technologies proudly recognizes the importance of inspiring and motivating young minds to explore the world of STEM, supporting them along their journeys to becoming the next generation of leaders. That's why we have been committed sponsors for FIRST, a K-12 STEM program that provides students with unique learning opportunities in after-school formats, for over two decades.

During this year's National Aviation Day, a handful of our local FIRST students joined us at the New England Air Museum to receive a first-hand look at the advancements aviation has made in just a few decades. Nearly 80% of FIRST program alums go on to pursuing a STEM-related career, and the opportunities we provide FIRST are helping to shape the future of STEM for everyone.

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