Kyle D'Souza

Military Spouse

MSEP 2018

Kyle D’Souza, immigration specialist at Pratt & Whitney, is married to Alexander Tunis, a pilot in the United States Air Force. With her husband serving on active duty from the start of their marriage, Kyle had to consider how her life would be different as a military spouse. In many situations, being a military spouse comes with challenges such as frequent moves, job instability and being away from loved ones while they are deployed.

“Some of the challenges that military spouses face are tied to communication. Not knowing when the next time you can talk to your spouse is, or where they are,” said Kyle. “I have found that having my own career and something that I can focus on and work towards is important in establishing my own identity. And that’s why I love working at Pratt & Whitney.”

While Kyle was looking for jobs, she came across the United States Department of Defense’s Military Spouse Employment Partnership. The partnership connects military spouses to employment opportunities that include flexible work arrangements, full-time remote jobs, and job sharing. Kyle has been with Pratt  &  Whitney for three years, and recognizes the importance of the Military Spouse Employment Partnership. 

“Not many people know that military spouse unemployment is 4 times higher than the national average, so anything that UTC can do to take advantage of this untapped talent pool is critical,” said Kyle. “UTC has been very supportive of me and my husband and I would say it’s the best place to be for a military spouse who is looking for a career.”

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