Re-Empower Program

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At UTC we hire the best and the brightest. We have exciting and challenging opportunities for experienced professionals returning to work after a career break.
Experienced professionals sometimes take a career break for a variety of personal and professional reasons. Returning to work after an absence of two or more years can seem daunting. To help with this transition, UTC’s Re-Empower Program is designed specifically to help you bring your knowledge, experience and creativity back to the workforce. We see your potential and want to help you to continue your professional journey.

Re-Empower Program in the United States

Your new career starts here. 

Over the course of the 16-week program, professionals will gain paid, on-the-job experience, have an opportunity to participate in sessions with leadership, develop personalized plans for success and receive coaching to guide their return to work experience. Upon completion of the program, based on performance, participants will be eligible for full-time employment.

The Re-Empower Program helps support talented and committed professionals as they rebuild their capabilities and enhance their leadership skills. 


Is Re-Empower the right program for you?

To qualify for the Re-Empower Program, candidates should:

Meet members from the program

UTC Re-Empower Program graduate, Kelly Thompson, shares the story of her transition back to the workforce following nine years of voluntary leave.

Re-Empower Program in India

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We have expanded our Re-Empower Program to India. Learn more about the program in Bangalore.
UTC Re-Empower Program in India
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