Ethics & Compliance

Ethics & Compliance

​​​​​​​​"At UTC, we pursue the highest ethical standards every day and everywhere we do business. These ethical standards, like our quality and safety standards, apply universally and do not change based on the situation or location. When our customers choose to do business with us they can be confident that our high standards are built into every product we sell and service we provide."

Louis R. Chênevert

Chairman & Chief​ Executive Officer 

UTC’s success relies on a system of core values that require us to hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards to ensure we earn our business based solely on our merits.

Our Code of Ethics, adopted in 1990, clarifies those values and commitments that establish a framework for ethical decision making everywhere we do business. The Code strengthens UTC’s fight against corruption and promotes behavior that leads to the development of fair markets so that every company competes only on its merits.

Nearly 500 Ethics and Compliance Officers (ECOs) advise employees, contractors, suppliers, sales agents and other stakeholders on UTC’s ethics, ensuring thorough and appropriate communications, training and appraisals.

UTC prides itself on a system of complementary ethics activities.

  • ​​We sustain enterprise-wide communications celebrating ethics successes and advising of ethics risks.
  • We provide mandatory ethics training for all employees and investigations training for personnel involved in assessing ethics violations.
  • We require ethics competency for all salaried employees.
  • We identify annual ethics objectives, cascaded from our chief executive officer, to others in leadership positions.
  • We provide channels for reporting issues or raising questions, including the confidential Ombudsman/DIALOG program.
  • We protect all those who speak up to protect the company through a formal non-retaliation policy and accompanying handbook.

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