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Sarah Furrow

UTC Aerospace Systems

September 19, 2016

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Sarah Furrow will tell you that her master’s degree in mechanical engineering from Purdue University changed her life – and for the good.

She explains, “Pursuing my graduate engineering degree greatly enhanced my analytical thinking, which is one of my strongest skill sets.  It expanded my ability to think through problems in order to thoroughly understand and handle them.”

Sarah, who began her UTC career at Carrier, was able to apply her problem-solving skills to tackle one of the biggest field issues Carrier residential was facing.

“We had a problem that we were looking at for a year and had a number of experts and engineers working on the issue,” says Sarah. She was able to use her analytical thinking skillset and certification in Shainin Red X problem solving to help resolve the issue, saving the company approximately half a million dollars per year.

Today, as a manager of product and process quality for UTC Aerospace Systems, Sarah views the Employee Scholar Program as the starting point in fast-tracking her career development. “It was key to furthering my personal and professional development and enabling me to prepare for more challenging roles.”