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Ombudsman Program

Ombudsman Program

Operating within the framework of the Code of Ethics, UTC promotes those behaviors that build trust, respect and integrity. When employees, contractors and partners observe or suspect something that contradicts UTC’s Code of Ethics, we encourage them to speak up and report it. Those who speak up to protect our company will be protected in return.

UTC’s non-retaliation policy reinforces our long-standing commitment to a safe reporting environment that is free of fear, bullying and other negative consequences. UTC has zero tolerance for retaliation and activities that impact good-faith reporting – and anyone engaging in retaliatory behavior is subject to disciplinary action, up to possible termination.

UTC offers many communication channels for reporting actual or suspected violations of our Code of Ethics. Employees should feel confident asking questions or raising concerns directly with their supervisor, a human resources manager, an Ethics & Compliance Officer or the legal department. UTC’s Ombudsman Program is also available for confidential or anonymous reporting.

UTC Ombudsman Program

To ensure robust reporting of allegations of wrongdoing, UTC provides a safe and confidential channel for employees and third parties to seek guidance, ask questions, make comments and report suspected misconduct. Our Ombudsman Program allows employees and others to ask a question or raise concern in complete confidence.

Since its inception in 1986, the Ombudsman Program has received more than 100,000 inquiries. The suggestions and requests made in the last five years have led to changes that make UTC a better company – underscoring the importance of the Ombudsman Program.

Our non-retaliation handbook is a quick reference for UTC’s non-retaliation policy, with examples of behaviors that could be considered retaliatory, practical tips for supervisors and examples of unacceptable conduct.

Note: Under French law the Ombudsman Program is limited to (a) accounting, financial, banking and auditing matters; (b) bribery and corruption matters; (c) anti-competitive matters; (d) harassment and discrimination; (e) health, hygiene and security in the workplace; (f) protection of the environment; and (g) internal processes and controls related to (a), (b), (c), (d), (e) and (f) above. For more information regarding the Ombudsman Program in France, please click here.

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Program Inquiries

How and why was the program established?
What does confidential, neutral and independent mean?
When should I use the program?
Is the program anonymous?
Are there limitations on what the program can address?
Which number do I call?
Are there guidelines for writing an inquiry?
What can you expect an Ombudsman to do?
What should you not expect an Ombudsman to do?
How long will it take for an Ombudsman to address my inquiry?
How do I contact an Ombudsman?
Who are the current UTC Ombudsmen?
Where do I send a paper submission?
Can I submit electronically?
If I need to contact the U.S. Department of Defense, how do I do so?
What is UTC's policy on non-retaliation?
How will the Ombudsman Program use my personal information?