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We design for efficiency, quality and environmental sustainability

UTC’s products convert energy into useful work, so we are passionate about reducing our products’ energy use and developing innovative, energy efficient technologies that help reduce our customers’ environmental footprints.

2010 Objectives

  • Improve energy efficiency and reduce new product packaging by 10 percent through 2010.
  • Work to eliminate materials of concern

2009 Performance

Key Performance Indicators

In 2009, UTC spent $3.7 billion in customer- and company-funded research and development. The United Technologies Research Center (UTRC) is dedicated to developing technologies that help us deliver high performance products that are energy efficient, quiet and safe. In 2009, 46 percent of UTRC funding was invested in projects that directly benefit the environment. See the In-Depth section at right for features on several UTC products.


Since 1997, UTC has invested approximately $30 billion in customer- and company-funded research and development. These investments are increasingly focused on reducing the environmental impact of our products and assisting our customers to achieve similar goals..

Our greatest focus has been on eliminating materials of concern (heavy metals), something that we began doing voluntarily in 2001. Our products are technically complex and require the highest quality and standards to ensure safety. Finding safe, effective substitutes that are also acceptable to our customers is challenging. While we will continue to eliminate materials of concern in legacy products and processes, our primary goal is to eliminate them in new products by the end of 2010. At the end of 2009, we achieved 51 percent elimination in new products. Our latest EH&S goals also target all new products for improved environmental performance. Our goal is to increase energy efficiency and reduce packaging each by 10 percent, or achieve best-in-class performance, by the end of 2010. Since the beginning of 2007, we have met the efficiency goal in 70 percent of new products and the packaging goal in 91 percent of new products.


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