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Climate Change

A Corporate Commitment to Reducing Human Impact on Climate Change.

UTC is committed to reducing the human impact on climate change. From environmental goals to providing customers with the most efficient products, UTC will continue to work on several fronts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. These four principles guide our approach to addressing climate change:

UTC believes that climate change is one of the most critical environmental concerns facing the world.

How society tackles the challenge will determine the quality of life for future generations. Despite some unknowns, it is clear that the world must not only reduce the emission of greenhouse gases but also find ways to adapt to a changing climate. For UTC this presents a challenge and opportunity.

UTC is committed to reducing our environmental footprint worldwide.

Since 1992, UTC has set corporate-wide performance goals in our factories, with our suppliers and throughout our various product lines and has decreased waste, water use, air emissions, and energy consumption.

UTC is committed to reducing our impact on climate change in our operations and products.

UTC’s record demonstrates that corporate responsibility, including commitments to the environment, our employees and the communities where we work and live, can be sustained without deprivation or any lessening in the company's performance worldwide. UTC is working to lower energy use in our operations and incorporating energy efficient innovations into products and services.

UTC supports a national climate change program, harmonized at the international level, that promotes effective action at the least cost.

The program should include: (1) a combination of policy measures together with voluntary programs and recognition for early action; (2) funding mechanisms for research, development, demonstration and deployment of greenhouse gas reduction technologies; and (3) financial incentives such as investment and production tax credits for renewable and clean advanced energy efficient products.


UTC co-chaired the World Business Council for Sustainable Development's 2009 report on energy efficiency in buildings