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We offer internships for undergraduate and graduate students working toward a degree program.

​​UTC internships and co-ops are designed to help build your professional credentials, while also igniting your imagination. Opportunities exist throughout our company and are available to students who are motivated to learn and grow.

Comprehensive on-the-job training

Chance to contribute your best ideas

Environment that inspires innovative results

Internships and co-ops at UTC are as diverse as our businesses and the people who work there. Assignments will vary based on the UTC division and location, and opportunities are available throughout the calendar year.​​​​​



How does the recruiting process work?

We recruit from a number of schools to attract the most talented individuals to UTC. Depending on the location of the internship, a management team will conduct on-campus or in-house interviews. Selections are typically made in the spring prior to the internship period with final selections being made until late spring before the summer internship starts.​


What kind of work will I do as an intern?

Each business unit will provide a unique internship experience. The difference comes in understanding the issues, products, services and processes that are specific to each industry. As an intern, you will learn corporate principles, contribute to business-specific job requirements and organize special projects, as needs arise. You can find out more about the specific opportunities on our divisional websites or by searching our job finder using the keyword “Intern”.​


What kind of training is provided?

A common, global learning portal connects employees with the opportunities to enhance their skills in areas such as leadership, ethics and job or function-specific programs. Your supervisor and/or business unit training coordinator will provide guidance on which trainings to take that are most relevant to your assignment and personal development goals.


Are interns evaluated?

Yes, once at the end of their stay with UTC. Evaluations are completed by the direct functional manager and are conducted much like evaluations given to other company employees. Many factors are evaluated, but your overall job performance will be the highlight.​


How are interns regarded internally at UTC?

Interns are an integral part of their department's workload and serve as valued contributors. Participating in one of our internships is invaluable in establishing a network within the company.​

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